Our town hall debates, and cultural events allow people to interact, learn, and shape policy. We work directly with youth at schools and later in life through mentorship and training to give them the skills and confidence to become the leaders of tomorrow.


Civic Space
for Participation

Training for those engaged in public service

Somalia has a rapidly growing civil service at federal and state level as government is re-established and expands its responsibilities. But the slowly recovering education sector leaves many civil servants and political leaders without the necessary training or knowledge to tackle their responsibilities. There are a significant number of short-term training opportunities open to those engaged in Somali public life, but these tend to be short 2–5-day one off events. As a Somali created and driven institution Minbar will offer in depth course to public servants that will deepen their ability to conduct their jobs. Taking place over a three-month period the courses will involve in person instruction, virtual teaching taking advantage of expertise outside Somalia, scenario development, and practical ‘war gaming’. The courses are designed to take place alongside regular work. Topics to be addressed may include public administration, financial management, international affairs, regional integration, environmental management and climate change. The courses will provide academic and theoretical grounding but will primarily focus on real world application. Participants will leave with practical skills that can immediately be put to work.

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