About Minbar

The Minbar Initiative operates as a not-for-profit entity that seeks to provide technical assistance to both state and non-state actors in Somalia, to resolve the most complex challenges of state building in the country's reconstruction phase.​


We envision Somalia where the ideas and potential of all citizens are harmonized and synchronized to deliver a peaceful, democratic and inclusive society.


To build a massive base and pipeline of new and diverse generation of Somali youth who can forge a united front and voice that can leverage, influence decision-makers and hold government accountable.

We, The People

Debating Our New Social Contract

Disrupting the Status Quo

Developing Emerging Leaders

Core Value

Value Addition

Our partnership awalays makes a positive contribution to the work of the youth that we work with

Follow Throug

We always endeavour to complete any task we've committed ourselves to


We pay attention to details; nothing falls through the cracks

Community Conciousness

We operate ther point of realising that somalia is a country with solid islam beliefs

Our Team

Abdulahi Amey


Abdulkarim Maruf

Program Manager

Abdulahi Amey


Abdulkarim Maruf

Program Manager

Our Trustee

Dr. Hodan Osman Abdi is a policy advocate and academic with a PhD in Media Economics. She serves as Senior Advisor to Somalia's Prime Minister and National Coordinator of Human Capital Development.

René Brosius is a visiting researcher at Simad University and PhD candidate at Bayreuth University, focusing on African Legal Studies and comparative law. He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles

Kamal Dahir Gutale is the National Security Advisor to Somalia's Prime Minister. With over 15 years in public service, he holds a Master's in International Business and has advised various international organizations.

Dr. Abdifatah Ismael Tahir is a research fellow at the University of Manchester. With a PhD in Geography, his research focuses on urban politics and governance. He is a former Somali parliament member.

Dr. Mikael Hiberg Naghizadeh holds a DPhil in International Relations from Oxford, specializing in political violence and civil wars. He focuses on methodologies for detecting and documenting war crimes.

Hanifa Mohamed is a former Minister of Women and Human Rights and a senior advisor to the UN in Somalia. She has extensive public service experience and holds a Master's in Disaster Resilience and Humanitarian Response.

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