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Frequent Asked Question (FAQ)

Minbar Post is open to young Somali writers between the ages of 15 and 40 who are interested in contributing to the public discourse on topics related to youth empowerment, civic engagement, and political development in Somalia.

Minbar Post publishes articles on a wide range of topics related to its focus areas. Articles can be opinion pieces, thought pieces, or informative articles, as long as they are engaging, relevant, and respectful.

Articles should be between 300 and500 words long.

No, Minbar Post does not offer monetary compensation for published articles. However, all writers will be fully credited for their work.

No, Minbar Post only accepts original work that has not been previously published elsewhere.

The review and publishing process varies, but we strive to publish articles as quickly as possible while also ensuring that they meet our guidelines and standards.

Yes, all articles submitted to Minbar Post will be reviewed and may be edited for grammar, style, and content to ensure that they meet our guidelines and standards. However, we will always communicate with the writer and seek their approval before making any significant changes to their work.

Yes, writers can submit relevant images or multimedia to accompany their article, but they must be original or properly cited and not violate any copyright laws.

Writers can submit articles to Minbar Post by emailing them to the designated contact email or using the submission form on the website.

*Submit your article early to increase your chances of being published and to have a better chance at getting featured. Learn more about our submission guidelines and options.
"Empowering the Youth of Somalia to Shape the Future"
Minbar Initiative is a transformative platform that aims to empower the youth of Somalia to lead and drive change in the political landscape. Our group of passionate individuals, who believe in the power of active citizenry and civic engagement, have come together to provide young people with the necessary tools and resources they need to shape the future of Somalia.
Minbar Initiative recognizes the potential of Somalia's youth to effect change in their communities and the wider society. We strive to provide a platform for young people from diverse backgrounds to express themselves and be heard in national discussions. We believe that every citizen's ideas and potential should be utilized to bring about development and peace in Somalia.
MinbarPost is free, independent platform for young writers, researchers, analysis and storytellers. We accept opinions and articles from all walks of the society, irrespective of his/her views and identity.

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