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Challenging the status quo:

Since independence in 1960 Somalia has not delivered the civil and economic benefits that citizens have a right to. Successive generations of Somalia’s leaders have failed to develop an economy that spreads prosperity across the country or to find a political solution to resolving disputes. As a result, Somali people have some of the worst Human Development indicators in the world and are frequently displaced or killed by violent conflict. Large sections of society are excluded from political and economic opportunities, be they from so called minority clans, women, disabled people, or young people. A small elite has controlled the political and economic destiny of the country and the rest of the nation have little to show for it. About 70 percent of Somalia’s population is under 25 years old and have spent most of their lives in an unstable conflict environment. Rates of unemployment for the youth can be as high as 75 percent. At Minbar we see how these neglected youth suffer in today’s Somalia, and we believe it is our role as a civic organization to amplify their voices – for the befit of the youth and the nation. Minbar wants to #ChallangetheStatesQuo because we know that within Somalia and among Somali people there are ideas and resources that can deliver the political and economic development that 60 years of failed leadership have missed. We are driven by values of integrity, fairness, inclusivity, and democracy to work for a better future. We are driven to achieve our mission and will fight to uphold the highest ethical standards because only in this way can our vision of a Somalia where all have a voice, and all can share in opportunities be actualized.

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